Gas Fire Pits - Brass vs. Stainless Steel Burners

  • by John Ziebarth

Fire pit gas burners are typically made of stainless steel or brass. While stainless steel is less expensive, brass is more resistant to weather and high temperatures. This contributes to brass burners having a longer life span. When choosing a fire pit burner for your natural gas or propane fire pit, it is important that you choose one that will keep going for a lifetime. At Crete Design, we only use high quality Warming Trends brass burners because they retain and emit more heat than a stainless steel burner. Warming Trends solid brass burners are also more erosion resistant towards corrosive materials such as natural or propane gas.


At Crete Design, we are proud to use Warming Trends brass burners in all our fire pit designs. All fire pit units ship with a standard burner, 120k – 190k BTU depending on the size of the fire pit. We do offer options to increase the BTUs for an additional cost, subject to safety considerations. Our standard fire pit burner is match lit operation, but give us a call to get pricing on electronic ignition.


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