7 Reasons Why Concrete Fire Pits are the Ultimate Outdoor Installations

by John Ziebarth on

Homeowners use fire pits to create appealing outdoor spaces. Then, they host cozy outdoor parties and get-togethers around these outdoor installations. Modern-day fire pits come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and...

The Best Concrete Fire Pits for 2022

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The Best Concrete Fire Pits for 2022   The post-pandemic era is in full swing. People all across the country are stepping outdoors to enjoy the summer. But, summer...

The Surprising Benefits of Buying a Concrete Ping Pong Table

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Modern-day homeowners love installing sleek, stylish, and super-durable concrete structures and fixtures in their homes. But, there’s a new trend among new-age homeowners - buying ping pong tables...

Steel, Copper, or Concrete Fire Pit – Which One’s Better for Your Property?

by John Ziebarth on

Steel, Copper, or Concrete Fire Pit – Which One’s Better for Your Property? 

Why Concrete Fire Pits are a Hit Among New-Age Homeowners

by John Ziebarth on

Gathering around an outdoor fire pit with family members and friends will never go out of style. Fire pits are natural gathering places, especially during cold winters. That’s...

Is Concrete Sustainable? Here’s What You Should Know About Green Building & Sustainable Design

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Concrete is a well-known construction material in the world. It’s one topic that doesn’t get much discussion time in the sustainable domain. Attention is always focused on fossil...

The Path to ZERO CO2 Production

by John Ziebarth on

The path to ZERO CO2 production in the concrete industry is a challenging one, but we at Crete are tackling it head-on.

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We will ship any of our concrete products within the 50 states.

Since we are closely involved with the fabrication of each piece crafted we ensure that every piece shipped is carefully crated and packaged to the same exacting standards it was made.

Guaranteed Quality

We will provide technical assistance for the life of our product.

We believe in using the best raw materials and admixtures to create beautiful and functional concrete art that will last for generations to come.

Ease of Maintenance

Concrete products require little maintenance, just cleaning with mild soap

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