Why Concrete Fire Pits are a Hit Among New-Age Homeowners

  • by John Ziebarth

Why Concrete Fire Pits are a Hit Among New-Age Homeowners  

Gathering around an outdoor fire pit with family members and friends will never go out of style. Fire pits are natural gathering places, especially during cold winters. That’s why owning fire pits is pretty common amongst new-age homeowners.

concrete fire pits for new age homeowners

The right fire pit will extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors with friends and family. However, a fire pit is way more than just a place to gather and roast marshmallows. It’s a considerable investment that will impact your property’s décor and value.

A good fire pit will serve as a focal point in your backyard or patio space. It will draw you outdoors for intimate gatherings. If you surround your fire pit with outdoor furniture items, it can become the main seating area in your house.

That’s why homeowners must never rush into buying fire pits. Before buying fire pits, homeowners need to address three vital questions ;

  • What type of fire pit fuel do you want to use? Wood, propane, and natural gas fire pits all have their pros and cons. But, natural gas fire pits are by far the most popular.
  • Where will you install the fire pit? Your fire pit must be located at least 10-15 feet away from any combustible item, including your deck or plants.
  • Which material fire pit is the best? From natural stone to zinc to cement – there are many options to choose from.

The third question causes the most division among homeowners. However, looking at recent trends, there seems to be a clear winner – concrete fire pits. There are several logical reasons behind the popularity of fire pits made of durable concrete. They include –

Easy to Integrate

It is very easy to integrate a concrete or cement fire pit into your existing landscaping. Firepit designers can create a stunning concrete fire pit that perfectly matches your property’s existing aesthetic.

Concrete Offers Design Flexibility

New-age homeowners want their fire pits to add aesthetic and monetary value to their properties. In terms of monetary value, outdoor concrete fire pits live up to the mark because they’re super-durable.

Unlike zinc or steel fire pits, they’re not at all prone to weather-related environmental damages. Fire pits made of concrete also add aesthetic value to properties. That’s because concrete can be easily finished with a variety of styles, designs, and colors.

For instance, let’s say you have a traditional-style home. You can get a cast concrete fire pit with a chiseled stone look to complement your property’s décor. As a material, concrete is very easy to customize.

Designers and manufacturers can easily create fire pits that match your home’s exterior décor. They make these fire pits using either concrete blocks or poured concrete. Both these materials are easy and inexpensive to work with.

Fire Safety

The material used to make your fire pit needs to be fire retardant. Or else embers or flames may spread beyond the boundaries of your fire pit, raising serious fire safety issues. That’s why concrete, one of the most fire-resistant materials in the construction industry, is ideal for making fire pits.

Concrete is an A1 material when it comes to fire resistance. A concrete round fire pit is one of the safest types of fire pits you can get. All fire pits get super-hot when you use them. But, the rings on thick concrete fire pits give users a buffer against the hottest elements of their fire pits.

The same cannot be said about portable wooden or zinc fire pits. Overall, outdoor concrete fire pits offer the perfect mix of warmth and safety to homeowners.

Ultra-Modern Designs

Concrete is a flexible building material. Designers can easily manipulate this material to make stunning concrete structures that perfectly complement their surroundings. That’s why new-age, ultra-modern homes feature so many concrete structures and fixtures.

You can easily have a super-sleek concrete fire pit custom-designed for your home. You can even install concrete fire pit tables to complement your sleek fire pit. Together, these concrete structures can serve as the central components of your outdoor entertaining spaces.

No Maintenance Hassles

Fire pits, in general, come with various maintenance and repair hassles. For example, zinc fire pits pick up a lot of tarnish and scars. Users need to clean these fire pits almost on a daily basis. We can’t say the same about concrete fire pits.

Fire pits made of concrete are by far the most low-maintenance in nature. That’s mainly because cleaning these structures is super-easy. With materials like steel or zinc, users have to be very careful about what cleaning products they use.

With concrete fire pits – pretty much every cleaning product or technique works. Concrete is water-resistant. So, users can basically hose down these fire pits whenever they get dirty. Water or soap formulas don’t negatively impact concrete fire pits at all.

Concrete is water-resistant and UV-resistant. Most of the time, users don’t even need to clean, polish, or seal their concrete fire pits. Cracks or tears on these fire pits are very rare. But, even addressing those issues is very simple. All you need is low-cost concrete patches!

Long-Term Investment

Modern-day homeowners are rightfully very careful about the property upgrades they spend their money on. For them, buying concrete round fire pits makes total sense because these structures last for decades.

Concrete is super-durable. Even without any maintenance, concrete fire pits stand against harsh weather conditions, pest damage, and other risks for decades. There are no recurring maintenance fees or hassles.

Homeowners get to add a long-lasting structure to their property for relatively low fees. In the future, their concrete fire pits may even boost their properties’ values.

An Eco-Friendly Installation

Investing in durable materials like concrete is inherently an eco-friendly step. That’s because these super-durable materials have positive ripple effects on waste reduction and resource conservation efforts.

Ease of Installation

Concrete fire pits are surprisingly easy to install. Smart contractors streamline the installation procedure by acquiring prefabricated concrete fire pit components at low prices. Then, they dig the fire pit, install the prefabricated concrete fire pit components, and install pavers around the rings.

In three to four simple steps, you can have a permanent concrete fixture installed in your backyard. Concrete is easy to cast and paint over. So, homeowners can easily modify their fire pits any time they want.

Final Take

New-age homeowners lovemaking property upgrades that add value, function, and aesthetic quality to their homes. With concrete fire pits – they receive all these benefits and more! 

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