Steel, Copper, or Concrete Fire Pit – Which One’s Better for Your Property?

  • by John Ziebarth

Steel, Copper, or Concrete Fire Pit – Which One’s Better for Your Property? 

Camping is fun, but not for those that don’t want to leave the comforts of their homes. Thankfully, such people can now enjoy the pleasures of sitting around roaring campfires in their own backyards. By getting a steel, copper, or concrete fire pit, anyone can convert their outdoor spaces into cozy campsites.

steel v concrete v copper fire pit

A good fire pit can be the most attractive and practical addition to your property. It will make your outdoor space more useful and keep you and your family members warm on chilly nights. A well-designed fire pit table can also serve as the focal point in your backyard. Anchor your patio furniture around the table and convert your backyard into a 5-star oasis.

concrete fire pits are a hit for new age home owners

But, what type of fire pit table should you get? From a square concrete fire pit to a rectangular shape fire pit made of steel – you have several options. Consider your needs and the existing décor of your outdoor spaces before making any decisions. Here are three types of fire pit tables that are currently the most popular in the market.


Steel Fire Pit Tables

Fire pits made of stainless steel are popular because this material has a good reputation amongst homeowners. People are comfortable using appliances and equipment made of stainless steel. Plus, stainless steel has a better “strength to weight” ratio than other materials.

This means that despite being strong and durable, fire pits made of steel are light and easy to work with. Plus, these fire pits are corrosion-resistant. Hence, they provide safe heating experiences without any performance issues for long periods. In the long run, users easily make back the initial amount they spend on durable fire pits made of stainless steel.

However, fire pits made of stainless steel are quite expensive. Not every homeowner can afford to buy, install, and maintain these fire pits. Plus, stainless steel fire pits can also pick up burn marks. Hence, users must be extra careful while using these fire pits.


Copper Fire Pit Tables

Copper has been used as a building material for plumbing pipes for over two centuries. Plumbing pipes experience a lot of external pressures. Still, the ones made of copper manage to last for 50 to 100 years. This durability makes copper one of the best materials for constructing modern-day fire pit tables.

Firepit tables made of copper are rust-proof. This material doesn’t oxidize, irrespective of how long it’s exposed to external elements. Firepit tables made of cheap metals dissolve rapidly when exposed to rain. Copper fire pit tables maintain their radiance and colors for decades.

The main reason to buy copper fire pits is their aesthetic appeal. The stunning color of copper perfectly complements the colors of the flickering flames. A copper fire pit table can instantly make your outdoor spaces feel much more good-looking. You also get to choose from different finishes (e.g., patina or standard copper).

However, fire pit tables made of copper are very expensive. In addition to the upfront costs, homeowners also have to deal with regular maintenance fees. Unlike steel or a concrete propane fire pit table, your copper fire pit table will require weekly cleaning. Or else, its shiny exterior won’t remain as appealing.


Concrete Fire Pit Tables

The durability of concrete makes it one of the best construction (if not the best) materials of all time. That’s why several top brands use concrete to manufacture their fire pit products. A modern concrete fire pit table will easily withstand the most severe weather conditions. The design elements of these fire pit tables comfortable stand the tests of time.

Plus, concrete is non-combustible. Unlike stainless steel, it doesn’t pick up burn marks or blemishes due to constant sunlight exposure. On average, a fire pit table made of concrete lasts for 10 years. During this period, users rarely have to deal with maintenance or repair issues. That’s because concrete is a lightweight yet highly durable material.

Here are some other qualities that make concrete fire pit tables special:

  •       Ease of Installation: Contrary to popular belief, fire pit tables made of concrete are very easy to install. These fire pit tables are made only with lightweight concrete, so delivery and installation are relatively easy steps. Homeowners don’t need forklifts or other construction equipment to install these fire pit tables. But, they will need installation assistance from the sellers of the concrete fire pits.
  •       Modern Design: A square or rectangular concrete fire pit table can effortlessly complement a modern-day home’s exterior décor. The overall appearance of these fire pit tables is sleek, minimalistic, and visually stunning. They look so amazing that many homeowners use them as the central components of their outdoor relaxation spaces.
  •       Minimal Maintenance: Copper fire pit tables require the most care and maintenance. Stainless-steel fire pit tables require some maintenance but not as much. However, fire pit tables made of durable concrete require little to no maintenance. These fire pit tables don’t tint or pick up long-lasting burn marks. Even if they do, users simply need to rinse them with mild soap to restore their original appeal. Concrete is also water and UV-resistant. Most of the time, homeowners don’t need to clean or apply sealants to their concrete fire pits at all. Once they install their concrete fire pits, there aren’t many additional responsibilities.
  •       Eco-Friendly: Any appliance or equipment that lasts for ten years or more is eco-friendly. The durability of concrete fire pit tables makes them incredibly environmentally conscious. Unlike wooden fire pits, concrete ones rarely need replacing or upgrades. They last a lifetime and increase the values of the properties they’re installed in.


Since concrete is a heavy-duty construction material, many people have reservations about buying fire pit tables made of concrete. They think that installing these heavy fire pit tables will be very difficult. However, a modern concrete fire pit table made with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is lighter than traditional cast in place, rebar reinforced concrete construction.

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