The Surprising Benefits of Buying a Concrete Ping Pong Table

  • by John Ziebarth

The Surprising Benefits of Buying a Concrete Ping Pong Table

The Pantheon. Burj Khalifa. The Hoover Dam. The Grand Coulee Dam.

When we think of sturdy, concrete structures - these are the great feats of engineering that first come to mind. Thankfully, we don’t need to visit major dams, buildings, or highway overpasses to enjoy stunning concrete structures.

Thanks to modern-day artisans and interior designers – we can have stunning concrete items in our homes. Today artisans can make stunning tables, vases, planters, and more.

Modern-day homeowners love installing sleek, stylish, and super-durable concrete structures and fixtures in their homes. But, there’s a new trend among new-age homeowners - buying ping pong tables made of concrete.

The trend of outdoor ping pong is sweeping through families all across the globe. This exciting sport is great for people of all ages. That’s why buying and installing a concrete ping pong table makes total sense for modern-day homeowners.

The limelight is on concrete tables and not traditional plywood tables for various reasons. Let’s explore these reasons.


Understanding the Popularity of Concrete Ping Pong Tables

The trend of using concrete outdoor ping pong tables isn’t new to countries like China and Germany. These countries have a proactive outdoor ping pong culture dating back to the early 70s.

Unlike traditional plywood tables, concrete ping pong tables are designed for outdoor use. That means people of all ages can use these tables at parks, community centers, etc. Today, China and Germany dominate international ping pong events.

A lot of it’s down to the outdoor ping pong fever that gripped the two countries since the 70s. Concrete outdoor ping pong tables are permanent fixtures in many German and Chinese public parks and community centers.

These tables are impervious to environmental damage. They maintain their structural integrity for decades. Thanks to sturdy concrete ping pong tables, outdoor ping pong will continue to be popular worldwide.

But does buying a concrete ping pong table for sale make sense for your home? To answer this question, let’s first understand what it means to play ping pong on concrete tables.


Playing Ping Pong on Concrete Tables

Standard, plywood ping pong tables offer completely different game conditions than their concrete counterparts. Ping pong tables must offer consistent bounce for players to enjoy long and fair games. That’s why the surfaces of all ping pong tables are typically made of one single uniform material.

In the past, ping pong was widely viewed as an indoor sport. That’s because placing plywood-top ping pong tables outdoors meant disaster. Within a week, these tables become soft (due to atmospheric humidity) and prone to mold infestation.

Unlike plywood, concrete isn’t prone to any natural weather-related phenomena. Ping pong tables made of this material are ideal for outdoor use. Now, we all know the numerous benefits of playing ping pong.

It’s one of the rare sports where players have to use their minds and their bodies to succeed. Plus, irrespective of your age or mobility – you can enjoy and become better at this game. Playing this simple game can improve your physical and mental health.

Playing ping pong outdoors is even better for your health. Playing 40-60 minutes of ping pong outdoors every day, be it day or nighttime, can do wonders for your health. Dealing with your outdoor surroundings while playing the game will boost your concentration skills.

Your alertness and your hand-eye coordination will also improve with each game. Plus, you can install your cement ping pong table right beside a wall or under a tree. That way, the wind will not affect the trajectory of the ball.

Most importantly, like all concrete products, ping pong tables made of this material are extremely durable. The harsh effects of time or weather don’t impact outdoor concrete tables at all.


Buying a Concrete Ping Pong Table – What to Expect? 

Concrete ping pong table prices are surprisingly low. Given that these tables are designed to stand strong and not crumble for decades, they’re surprisingly cost-effective. Plus, if you get a concrete ping pong table for sale, you’ll receive discounts and installation assistance from the sellers.

So, costs and installation hassles – two fears most buyers have, are out of the question. Now, what can the average homeowner expect after buying and installing a concrete ping pong table? Here’s what –

A Durable, Long-Term Investment: Ping pong tables take a lot of beating. Thankfully, the tables made of concrete are designed to withstand wear and tear. They’re heat and scratch-resistant. That means users can play on these tables for long periods (even under the hot sun) without worrying about wear/tear.

Theft-Proof TableConcrete ping pong tables are impossible to steal or vandalize. No one can steal concrete nets or destroy the concrete components of these tables (not without breaking their appendages).

Hassle-Free Maintenance: Unlike plywood ping pong tables, concrete tables are water-resistant. Users can wipe these tables down with mild soap and water without worrying about moisture damage. These tables stay in excellent shape for several years.

Play all the Time: The surfaces of concrete ping pong tables offer very low reflectivity. That means players can use the table even when it’s super-sunny outside. The sun's rays won’t impact their vision at all.

Décor Upgrade: Whether you install a concrete ping pong table in your backyard or patio – it’s guaranteed to boost your home’s décor. These tables have sleek and minimalistic designs. They can give any space a mid-century look or an industrial-chic vibe.


Buying a Concrete Ping Pong Table – How to Prepare?

Do you want a concrete ping pong table to be a permanent fixture for your outdoor entertainment goals? Then, you need to partner with a reliable seller of concrete products. A top seller will oversee the installation process and guide you on how to use and maintain the table.

You will have to polish your concrete ping pong table’s surface every few weeks/months. By doing so, you’ll ensure that it doesn’t pick up slight bumps or cracks. Also, concrete is porous, so never spill liquids on your ping pong tables.

If you do, clean up the mess immediately. Lastly, you’ll need table tennis balls, bats, and nets to start playing. Verify whether your seller provides these items along with the concrete ping pong table. 


Final Take

Ping pong is steadily gaining popularity worldwide, especially among youngsters. Installing a concrete outdoor ping pong table is an amazing way to partake in this healthy recreational game. Durable concrete ping pong tables can also add a lot of value to a property.

If the advantages of using these concrete tables intrigue you, find a reliable seller now. Buying and installing concrete ping pong tables will benefit your property, your family members, and members of your local community!


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