The Best Concrete Fire Pits for 2023

  • by John Ziebarth

The Best Concrete Fire Pits for 2023  

The post-pandemic era is in full swing. People all across the country are stepping outdoors to enjoy the summer. But, summer doesn’t quite feel like summer until you’ve sat outside by the firepit.

Concrete Firepit

Hence, the demand for minimalist and budget-friendly concrete fire pits is skyrocketing all across the board. In terms of fuel, there are two main options for aspiring fire pit owners – gas or wood.


Most homeowners prefer the less messy and less labor-intensive propane option. Some still find traditional wood-fueled fire pits more appealing. The fuel option you lean towards will depend on your personal preferences.


The real challenge is selecting a fire pit made of the right material. Technically, fire pits can be constructed from a wide range of materials. But, these materials need to be fire retardant.


Or else, embers and flames from your evening fires may spread beyond the safe boundaries of your fire pit. A propane fueled concrete fire pit is both fire-retardant and fuel-efficient. That’s why it’s the most in-demand item in the fire pit market in 2023.


Buying Concrete Fire Pits in 2023 – Key Market Trends

Concrete fire pits are made from either concrete blocks or poured concrete that’s cast into custom shapes. Either way, concrete is a great choice of material for fire pits because it’s fire retardant. Concrete is also relatively inexpensive and super-easy to work with.


These qualities make the idea of creating concrete fire pit areas even more appealing for homeowners.

Concrete Firepit Outside

However, shopping for concrete fire pits in 2023 is not going to be easy. Homeowners who want to install these permanent features on their properties need to know about two very important market trends –


The Demand for Concrete Fire Pits is Extremely High in 2023

Concrete fire pits are the number one choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their outdoor living spaces in 2023.

  •       These structures allow homeowners to enjoy their patios or backyards, even when the weather cools down.
  •       In the summer months, the fire pits enable them to entertain guests and host intimate get-togethers.
  •       A concrete fire pit can easily withstand the most severe weather conditions and harsh climates for several years. Smart homeowners know that their fire pits will stand the test of time. In their eyes, concrete fire pits are long-term property upgrades.
  •       A concrete fire pit will not deteriorate in quality due to UV exposure. They don’t attract pests either. They stay the same for several years. New homeowners want exactly these types of long-term investments.


To top it all off, concrete is super-cheap. Buying a concrete fire pit makes total sense for the average homeowner. Hence, the demand for top-quality fire pits made of light and high-quality concrete is always high.


That means a top-quality concrete fire pit won’t last in the market for too long. If you’re interested in buying a durable concrete fire pit in 2023, you better act quickly.


Manufacturers of these premium-quality items can’t afford to maintain huge stocks since their demand is so high. Act quickly and get a lightweight concrete fire pit that comes with a three to five-year warranty.


Long-Term Investment

People choose concrete fire pits for their durability. But with longevity comes responsibilities. These fire pits weigh a lot. If they’re not installed properly, they can crack backyard flagstones over long time periods.


The concrete fire pit area you create today may need additional reinforcements in seven to ten years. Plus, a concrete fire pit propane is very difficult to destroy and remove. Most homeowners don’t worry about this issue.


That’s because their concrete installations add a lot of value to their properties. Yes, a premium-quality concrete fire pit can make your property more aesthetic, functional, and ultimately more desirable to future buyers.


However, it’s still a long-term investment. Your outdoor living space will be transformed forever once you decide to install a concrete fire pit. This transformation will begin long before the installation process. Here’s how these fire pits are typically installed –

  •       Installation starts with the digging of a fire pit in your backyard. You can DIY this process or hire third-party installation crews.
  •       The concrete fire rings are then installed. Then, pavers have to be installed around the rings. This step is very complicated.
  •       Once the pavers are laid down properly, users have to ensure they don’t go out of position.

Although this three-step process sounds simple, it’s still a long-term commitment. Make sure you and your property are ready for such an installation before hitting the market.


Buying the Best Concrete Fire Pits for 2023 

If you’re hitting the market for a concrete fire pit, here’s a buying guide. Make sure the fire pit you acquire provides these qualities;

  1. Lightweight Concrete
  2. The right fuel choice
  3. Accessories
  4. Aesthetics

Choose Fire Pits Made of Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight concrete (also known as structural low-density concrete) is a unique construction material. It’s not as strong as normal concrete. But, it’s lighter and easier to maintain. Constructing a tall building with this relatively weak material isn’t a good idea.

But, when it comes to constructing roof slabs, small houses, garden walls, and fire pits – this material is ideal. That’s why shoppers should ensure that their fire pits are made of lightweight concrete. Some advantages of this material include –

  •       Low-maintenance and doesn’t require regular upkeep.
  •       UV-resistant; doesn’t fade or discolor even after decades of sun exposure.
  •       There’s no need to apply sealants or other protectants on lightweight concrete fire pits.
  •       For cleaning, these fire pits can be hosed down with soapy water and cleaned within minutes.
  •       This light material is also easier to install.


Make the Right Fuel Choice

You can light your concrete fire pit propane with the click of a lighter. You can even manage the flame heights and turn it off within seconds when you’re done. That’s why choosing fire pits that are fueled by propane tanks over wooden fire pits makes absolute sense.



Buy the Right Accessories

To boost your concrete fire pit’s safety, functionality, and aesthetic qualities, consider buying these accessories -

  •       Wind guards
  •       Tank covers (for your propane tanks)
  •       Rain covers
  •       Tabletop lids
  •       Fill rocks


Aesthetic Details

A well-designed concrete fire pit can make any outdoor living space look ten times classier. But, concrete has never been known for its aesthetic qualities. Brick and stone fire pits are more visually appealing (but way more expensive and difficult to install).

Outside Firepit

Thankfully, there are high-quality designers of concrete fire pits in the market. These experts can customize molten concrete to create fire pits of different shapes and styles. If you do buy a concrete fire pit in 2023, buy a well-designed one.




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