7 Reasons Why Concrete Fire Pits are the Ultimate Outdoor Installation

  • by John Ziebarth

Building open fires in holes, whether for cooking or for creating pleasant outdoor ambiances, has been a longstanding American tradition. In the past, old-time New Englanders would create underground cooking pits.

These cooking pits were called “bean holes.” They were used for baking beans, molasses, and meat. In recent years, fire pits have found their way into backyards and lawns. They’re seen as the ideal fire features in modern properties.

Homeowners use fire pits to create appealing outdoor spaces. Then, they host cozy outdoor parties and get-togethers around these outdoor installations. Modern-day fire pits come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials.


Outdoor fire bowl on deck


Choosing the last factor, i.e., the material of the fire pit is often a difficult task for homeowners. Cast iron, wood, stainless steel, copper, concrete, etc., - there are many materials to choose from. All these materials are great.

But, savvy homeowners only want to invest in outdoor fire pits that last long. That’s why fire pit concrete is currently extremely popular amongst homeowners.

Is concrete the best fire pit material on the market? If yes, why? Let’s explore the key features of concrete fire pits to understand what makes them so popular among new-age homeowners. 


What are Concrete Fire Pits?

As the name suggests, concrete fire pits are fire pits made of concrete. Since concrete is a super-durable material that doesn’t crack or break easily, it’s used to construct a variety of structures.

Even without sealants or protectant products, concrete lasts longer than most construction materials. For new-age homeowners, buying concrete fire pit tables makes sense because of these durability features.


Rectangular Concrete Fire Pit Table


Unlike other construction materials, concrete (reinforced concrete in particular) gets stronger over time. Hence, concrete fire pits typically last for many years – much longer than wooden or copper fire pits.

Why are Concrete Fire Pits Popular?

In the past, concrete fire pits weren’t as popular because there weren’t enough sellers or installers in the market. Now, homeowners can easily find several professionals who install concrete fire pits.

They can ask these concrete experts to create and install square, rectangular, or circular concrete fire pit tables. Homeowners know that these structures can be expected to last for several generations. So, they need not worry about upfront costs or installation fees. 

Concrete fire pits are guaranteed to be worth the money in the long run. Homeowners rarely get such assurances of guaranteed returns with other products or home improvement options.

Here are seven other reasons why modern-day homeowners love installing concrete fire pits on their properties –


  1. No Worries about Environmental Damage

There aren’t many fire pit materials that are as resistant to the elements as concrete. This material doesn’t rust, rot, burn, or suffer from wind damage. Even after extreme weather events, these concrete structures stand strong and stay the same.

Users only need to cover the fire lighting fittings inside their concrete fire pits during heavy rainfall. The concrete structure itself won’t suffer from any water damage.

  1. Green and Energy-Efficient

A newly manufactured square concrete fire pit table is probably the greenest addition you can make to your property. That’s because the companies that manufacture these fire pits “cure” them before putting them up for sale.

Sustainable Manufacturing

That means these concrete structures emit or release no harmful chemicals, gases, or toxins into the environment. Concrete is a 100% inert substance. The average carbon output of construction manufacturing processes is also significantly low.

Unlike cast iron or copper, fire pit manufacturers don’t have to use too much energy while working with concrete. Concrete fire pits have the smallest carbon footprints compared to other less-durable fire pit materials.

  1. Help the Local Market

No one is sourcing concrete from foreign countries. Most of the concrete that fire pit manufacturing companies use is produced locally. These manufacturers rely on local concrete suppliers.

These concrete suppliers also rely on other local businesses. Hence, when you buy a stylish rectangular concrete fire pit table, you indirectly help your local economy.

  1. Textures, Patterns, and Styles 

Concrete is an extremely adaptable and flexible construction material. It can be configured in various textures, styles, and patterns when it's in its molten state. Fire pit manufacturers implement different shapes, textures, and styles on their products.

They use special techniques and formulas to create fire pits with smooth or grainy surfaces. Want your concrete fire pit table to have a buttery smooth surface? You can easily buy fire pit concrete that’s smooth, clean, and polished.

Want your concrete fire pit to have grainy and coarse surfaces? You can buy concrete fire pits with rugged and weathered exteriors. The flexibility and decorative freedom that homeowners get with these fire pits are hard to match with other fire pit materials.

  1. Outdoor Aesthetic Boost

A concrete fire pit can light up your outdoor space and make it look classy and elegant. Whether you buy a smooth, stone-colored concrete fire pit or a grainy, custom-colored one – aesthetic boosts are guaranteed. Concrete fire pits look regal no matter where you install them.

Ideally, you should use your concrete fire pit as the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area. The fire pit won’t just provide extra warmth during winter, but it will also boost your property’s aesthetic appeal.

  1. Natural Pest Resistance

The risk of your backyard suffering from pest infestation is much lower if it contains a concrete fire pit. Wooden fire pits serve as active breeding grounds for insects and rodents. On the other hand, concrete fire pits don’t harbor any pests. Pests hate inorganic construction materials like pre-cast and reinforced concrete.

  1. Easy After Care

Despite being porous in nature, concrete is surprisingly stain-resistant. Your concrete fire pit table may pick up some stains. But, getting rid of these stains is super-easy. Users simply need to hose down these concrete structures from time to time.

Fissures may appear on the surfaces of these structures due to environmental weathering and natural aging. But, users can easily seal these fissures. Sealing concrete fire pits makes them extra-resistant against spills, stains, dirt buildup, and natural wear and tear.

Sealing concrete doesn’t cost much either. Homeowners can have their concrete fire pits resealed every few years. Resealing will preserve the concrete’s strength and quality.

Final Take

Throughout history, we’ve read about concrete’s amazing strength, damage resistance, and durability. Now, homeowners can experience these benefits of concrete right in their backyards. Install a concrete fire pit in your backyard to discover these benefits for yourself!


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